What People Are Saying

“Working with rod has been a huge advantage to my photography business!”
“Not only has he expanded my business to a point where I have been able to hire help but he has also marketed me as part of my business which has made it much more personal for my clients. I have a much better family/work balance since being able to hire help. Without his hard work I would not be enjoying my business and my family as much as I do. He was very patient with all my questions and never hesitated to get right back to me. I strongly recommend working with Rod to help expand your business. He was wonderful to work with! Thank you Rod for everything.” – Miranda O’Leary, Saint John NB

“Web Traffic Over Double.”
“In a few short months we have seen amazing results, including seeing our web traffic over double. It’s been a great relationship working with Rod and I highly recommend Freedom Ability Marketing.” – Brent Ingersoll, Quispamisis NB

“Thanks Rod, for giving me the edge I needed!”
“Starting a business can be a little daunting… Working with Rod gave me the inspiration, encouragement, and experience I needed to get my “foot in the door. Thanks Rod, for giving me the edge I needed!” – Kelly T, Dartmouth

“Rod has been a great mentor.
“I am extremely pleased with the website and marketing material Freedom Ability Marketing has created for my business. They always took the time to answer any questions I had and provided excellent guidance about marketing my business. I highly recommend their services.” – Heather Trites, Moncton NB

“Character laden guy.”
I’ve known Rod for about 8years now and have always known to be a friendly, helpful and character laden guy. He’s is a family man and a progressive, open minded business man. I have had the opportunity to work with Rod on several projects and respect his business abilities and himself as a person. I hope to work with him in the future and my hope for you is that you are able to also.” Frank MacCalder, Cape Breton NS

“Patient, Pleasant, Professional”
“Rod was always patient, pleasant, professional and he always did everything with a smile (even when I phoned him or emailed him multiple times in a day). He was very thorough and always had the very best ideas to streamline things. I would highly recommend him!” – Carol Butland, Quispamsis NB

“Rod is my GO TO Guy!”
“Whenever I’m in need of an answer or just need to run a thought by him; his advice is always timely and right on the MONEY. I have come to realize that my net worth is directly effected by my network. I am extremely grateful to have someone like Rod to bounce ideas off of and get first rate and professional guidance.” – Clint Caldwell, Alberta

“Rod is Rockin’ Awesome!”
“I have known and worked with Rod for years. I can say with confidence that he is a person of integrity both personally and professionally. Rod has proved to be fair, a reliable source of support, and he readily responded to my questions and concerns.
I’d work with him anytime!” – Ellen M, Indiana

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