Small Business Media Exposure

Media Exposure for Small Business Isn’t Easy

Media exposure

Traditional small business media exposure isn’t easy. It takes more time and effort than busy businesspeople have to spend. If you are lucky enough to get exposure in the media, it soon disappears. You then have to do it all over again if you want to be in the news again.

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More people are going online than ever before, and they are consuming their news online as well. Google News is a popular space online, where many local people search for their news. News sites like are out of the mainstream news media, but still Google News approved.  They offers small business people a voice. A place where small businesses can get media exposure directly on Google  that frequently shows up on the first page of the Google search engine as well as in Google News.  They can do it quickly and efficiently without working to get (or wishing for) a local reporter to ‘discover’ and cover their business in the media.

Freedom Ability Marketing and Consulting and EpostMedia share ownership, and partner to offer our clients the best options in both small business media exposure and general overall presence on the internet.

Check out Epostmedia here or call us at 506-847-4025 if you want the ability to offer rlevant news related to your busines sand your local industry to a news organization that is able to publish your local stories and actually get you some exposure.