Custom Facebook Pages

Customize Your Facebook Business Page To Capture More Attention

Custom Facebook Pages

One in Two Canadians and One in Two Americans have a Facebook account, and depending on your market, it may be a lot higher than that for your potential clients or customers.  With a custom facebook page you can get more likes, more email opt-ins, and more people walking through the doors of your local business.  You can run contests and capture email addresses or phone numbers. You can even capture reviews for your product or service right in facebook…and get the good ones displayed to all of the firends of the reviewer!

Facebook can clearly create a buzz, but most business owners are doing very little to use this social media tool to their advantage.  Facebook pages must be set up right and customized according to what you are trying to accomplish.

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Custom Facebook Pages can help you do that by encouraging viewers to click the ‘like’ button, including calls to action on the page, capturing email addresses, and lots more.

Custom Facebook Contest Pages can draw a crowd quickly if you offer something your prospects want as a prize…and then encourage them to like your page or sign up for your contest.

Custom Facebook Lead Capture Pages can capture the contact information of your prospects or get them to sign in to your newsletter.

Social media has a growing influence and it is expected to keep growing for the next several years.  Embracing it now will give you a leg up on any competitors who are not on the ball…or allow you to catch up to those who beat you to the punch and take back the prospects they have started to siphon from you…

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