Automated Follow Up Systems

Automated Follow Up Could Be The Most Important Thing in Your Business

Customer Follow Up

Automated Follow Up By Mobile Text (SMS), Email, Voice Mail, Postcards, Letter Mail…

If you can generated at least one lead or prospect…a good automated follow up system is the single most important thing you can implement to increase the bottom line in your business.

It takes 5 to 7 contacts before an average prospect actually listens to what you are saying…and 90% of business people and sales people never even make the second contact.

You can test our automated follow up system in a variety of ways below by subscribing to Rod MacKenzie’s “Personal Busines Card” campaign…and by subscribing, you will automatically be entered to win a smartphone app created for your business, or other prizes designed to multiply your marketing efforts.

By Mobile Phone: Text your name and email to (506) 800-9234    This is the best method recommend for testing – it gives best system overview.

Landline: Call +1 (506) 800-9234 and say your name and email clearly on our voice mail.

Email: Email your mobile phone# to:

Web Forms/Opt-ins: Fill out the form Here

QR Code: Scan the QR Code below. 

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What You Need is a System That Allows You to Follow-Up Automatically

What we have is a system that allows you to follow up automatically.

Clients who are already customers…who have proven that they trust you enough to pull out their credit card and purchase from you… are ten times easier (and less expensive) to sell to than focusing all their effort and expense that comes with generating a new customer.

The best way to see our system is to use it…so take a look at our owner’s (Roderick MacKenzie) ‘personal business card’ follow-up system by entering through one of the methods above.  All of these entry points allow you to enter the same automated follow-up system.

Developing your own automated follow-up strategies may very well be the most important thing you do this year to increase your bottom line.  Let us help.  Just use the system to sign in above and we’ll get back to you with a free consultation to see if our follow-up options are the best fit for you.